; Lincoln Aviator: Music to Your Ears

Lincoln Aviator: Music to Your Ears

Three dimensional sound isn’t something you just hear, it’s something you feel. In the all-new Lincoln Aviator with Revel Ultima 3D Audio System, you’re never too far from a classy performance. Bringing the sophistication of a symphony orchestra directly into the vehicle, Lincoln collaborated with the world-renowned Detroit Symphony Orchestra to record musical vehicle information alerts. From an open fuel door, to a door left ajar, lowering the power liftgate or even an unbuckled seat belt, the informational chimes serve as noncritical, soft-warning and hard-warning curated chimes.

The symphonic chimes – recorded for about 30 features in the vehicle – were selected from literally hundreds of musical combinations, and are a blend of marimba percussion, violin and viola. The notes are precise, crystalline and rich with detail and uniquely available in the all-new Aviator.

“The Aviator represents a new journey for the Lincoln brand here in the Middle East,” said Nicolas Lory, managing director, Lincoln Direct Markets. “With its striking looks, effortless power, and a sound experience to match, we are excited to have the Aviator here in the region.”

Discover sound that moves you with Revel Ultima 3D Audio in the All-New Lincoln Aviator:

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